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What Are AL6XN Sheets?

AL6XN sheets are high-performance austenitic stainless steel alloy sheets primarily composed of nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen that exhibit excellent corrosion resistance in harsh chloride environments - ideal for applications including chemical processing, marine environments and pulp and paper industries. AL6XN alloy has also proven itself suitable for various industrial uses due to their durability, strength and corrosion protection features - thus making AL6XN sheets suitable for various demanding industrial uses.

AL6XN Sheets

Manufacturing Process Of AL6XN Sheets

Reheating Furnace

Reheating furnaces are used in hot rolling mills to heat the steel stock to the rolling temperatures.

Scale Breaker

Slab moves first through a scale breaker, which is a two-high rolling mill with vertical rolls that loosens the furnace scale and removes it with high-pressure water jets.

Finish Rolling

The last stage of the rolling process is cold rolling,


Cooling or Quenching is a process of cooling a metal at a rapid rate.

Skin Pass Mill

This produces high-gloss surfaces and achieves the desired mechanical strip properties such as deep-drawing strength.

Marking & Packing

Proper packaging and labeling not only makes the final product look attractive but also save a huge amount of money by saving the product from wrong handling.

AL6XN Sheets Specifications and Sizes

AL6XN Sheet Specifications and Sizes, These versatile AL6XN sheets are in high demand in industries requiring corrosion resistance and strength. AL6XN features high levels of nickel, chromium, molybdenum and nitrogen for excellent corrosion resistance against chloride pitting corrosion pitting crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. These properties make the product suitable for harsh environments like marine, chemical processing and oil and gas industries. AL6XN sheets come in various sizes and thicknesses to meet different project requirements, from thin gauge sheets designed for lightweight applications to thicker ones designed to withstand heavier duties. AL6XN versatility enables customers to tailor these sheets specifically to meet dimensional or mechanical property specifications for optimal performance under demanding circumstances.

Standards ASTM B688 / ASME SB688
Dimensions ASTM, ASME, and API
AL-6XN Sheet Width Range 30" to 240"
Sheets Sheets Thickness 7 gauge to 28 gauge or 3.664mm to .321mm
AL-6XN Sheet Length Range Up to144" Non-Standard or Longer Lengths Available Upon Request
Value added services Cladding, Heat Treatment, Annealed, Pickling, Polish, Rolling, Cutting, Bending, Forging, Minor Fabrication Etc.
Hardness Half Hard, Quarter Hard, Soft, Hard, Spring Hard
Form Coils, Foils, Rolls, Strip, Flats, Blank (Circle), Ring (Flange)

Types Of AL6XN Sheet


AL-6XN Hot Rolled Sheet


AL6XN Cold Rolled Sheet


Alloy 25-6HN Perforated Sheet


AL-6XN Polished Sheet


AL6XN Alloy 2B Finish Sheet


AL-6XN Plain Sheet


Other Types Of AL6XN Sheet

AL-6XN Perforated Sheet AL6XN Cold Rolled Sheet
20 Gauge AL6XN Sheet AL6XN High Performance Sheet
Precision Ground AL6XN Sheet Extra-Heavy AL6XN Sheet
AL6XN Perforated Sheet AL-6XN Thik Sheet
Alloy 25-6HN Sheet 10 Gauge AL-6XN Sheet
AL-6XN Plain Sheets AL-6XN 2B Finish Sheets
ASME SB688 AL-6XN Cold Rolled Sheets ASTM B688 AL-6XN Sheets
AL-6XN Sheets Cut To Size Polished AL6XN Sheet
AL6XN BA Finish Sheets Alloy 25-6HN HR Sheets
Quality AL6XN Sheet AL6XN CR Sheets
AL6XN Custom Length Sheet Custom Alloy 25-6HN Sheets

Chemical Composition of AL6XN Sheets

AL6XN is an austenitic stainless steel known for its superior corrosion-resistance in aggressive environments like chloride-containing solutions. Chemical composition typically comprises 24% chromium, 22% nickel, 6.3% molybdenum, 1.7% nitrogen and trace amounts of iron, manganese, silicon carbon phosphorus sulfur and copper. AL6XN sheets unique composition provides it with superior resistance against pitting, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and general corrosion compared to standard stainless steels. Because of this exceptional combination of corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, these sheets can be found widely used across industries including chemical processing, marine engineering, pulp and paper production and pharmaceutical production.

Mechanical Properties of AL6XN Sheets

AL6XN stainless steel alloy is an advanced austenitic stainless steel that stands out for its outstanding corrosion resistance in harsh environments, typically around 100ksi (690 MPa). Furthermore, AL6XN sheets mechanical properties exhibit outstanding results in terms of its high tensile strength - usually greater than 100ksi) or greater and yield strength exceeding 40 ksi (276 MPa). Furthermore, this alloy offers good ductility and toughness that makes it suitable for applications including chemical processing plants, marine environments and seawater desalination plants among others - while its exceptional mechanical properties also make this material an excellent choice - in such extreme circumstances where corrosion resistance and durability is of primary concern.

Advantages of AL6XN Sheets

AL6XN stainless steel sheets provide several benefits that make them particularly suitable for applications requiring corrosion resistance and strength, including corrosion prevention and fatigue resistance. Here are just a few:

Corrosion Resistance: AL6XN stands out for its exceptional corrosion resistance across various harsh environments, from acidic environments with chlorides present to seawater environments containing chlorides; making it well suited to chemical processing, marine, oil & gas and oil and gas applications.

High Strength: AL6XN's superior strength makes it suitable for lighter structures without compromising performance, particularly applications requiring structural integrity such as pressure vessels and piping systems. This material's advantages make this an attractive material choice.

Durability: AL6XN sheets are highly durable and possess outstanding corrosion-resistance, offering long-term performance at minimal maintenance needs resulting in significant cost savings over the lifecycle of equipment and structures.

Weldability: AL6XN boasts excellent weldability, making assembly of components straightforward without compromising corrosion resistance or mechanical properties of the material. As such it makes an ideal candidate for various welding processes including shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) or gas metal arc welding (GMAW).

Versatility: AL6XN sheets can be utilized across many applications, ranging from chemical processing equipment, heat exchangers and desalination plants, pulp and paper processing facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing operations as well as food processing plants. Their versatility in accommodating diverse operating environments make this material highly sought-after by numerous industries.

Temperature Resistance: AL6XN superior thermal stability allows it to retain both its mechanical and corrosion-resistance at elevated temperatures, making it suitable for reliable performance in applications involving thermal cycling or operating at elevated operating temperatures. With such temperature stability comes its increased potential uses in thermal cycling applications or exposure to higher-than-usual operating temperatures.

Hygienic Properties: AL6XN has non-reactive and easy cleaning properties, making it suitable for applications requiring hygienic conditions such as food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical equipment manufacturing.

Longevity: Due to their resistance against corrosion and wear, AL6XN sheets offer excellent longevity - meaning fewer replacements, downtime interruptions and operational inefficiency as a result of frequent replacement needs reducing operational efficiency while saving on costs. This leads to improved operational efficiencies as well as cost-efficiency.

Overall, AL6XN sheets combine superior corrosion resistance, high strength, durability, weldability and versatility, making them suitable for demanding industrial applications where reliability and performance are of the utmost importance.

Applications of AL6XN Sheets

AL6XN stainless steel sheets are widely renowned for their exceptional corrosion resistance and high strength properties, with high levels of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen providing exceptional resistance against corrosive environments. Applications typically involving AL6XN sheets:

Chemical Processing: AL6XN sheets can be found widely used in chemical processing industries that involve handling highly aggressive acids and solutions like sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, nitric acid or chloride solutions in reactors, vessels, heat exchangers or piping systems.

Marine Applications: Due to its resistance against chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking and pitting, AL6XN sheets find applications in marine environments such as seawater desalination plants, offshore oil platforms and ship components.

Food Processing: AL6XN sheets can be found in food processing equipment that requires sanitation and corrosion resistance for safe usage, such as storage tanks, processing vessels or piping systems handling acidic or chloride-containing food products.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: AL6XN sheets are commonly employed in pharmaceutical production to protect equipment and vessels against corrosion due to acids or cleaners used during processing, such as reactors, storage tanks or piping systems.

Oil & Gas Industry: AL6XN sheets have many uses within the oil & gas industry, particularly environments containing hydrogen sulfide-laden gases such as those present at offshore platforms or processing equipment. They're often employed in processing equipment, pipelines and offshore platforms.

Aerospace: When applied in aerospace applications, AL6XN sheets provide corrosion and high strength protection to critical components like fuel tanks and hydraulic systems that must stand the rigors of space travel.

Heat Exchangers: AL6XN sheets can be utilized in heat exchanger applications that demand resistance against harsh environments and temperatures, including industrial and commercial HVAC systems. They're used as protective shields on heat transfer units with AL6XN insulation sheets installed for optimal results.

Overall, AL6XN sheets are versatile materials designed to fulfill multiple applications where corrosion resistance, strength and durability are crucial elements.

Electrical Industry


Automotive Industry


Construction Industry


Defence Industry


Pharmaceutical Industry


Petroleum Industry


Petrochemical Industry


Milk & Dairy Industry

Milk & Dairy

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