Round bars are cylindrical metal bars with a circular cross-section. They are commonly produced in various metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel. Round bars find extensive usage across various industries due to their versatile properties. Here's an overview of their materials, features, applications, and advantages:


Steel: Carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel are commonly used for round bars. Carbon steel offers good strength and durability, while stainless steel provides corrosion resistance.

Aluminum: Aluminum round bars are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and offer good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Brass and Copper: Brass and copper round bars are known for their excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance.

High Nickel Alloys: High nickel alloy round bars, such as Inconel, Monel, and Hastelloy, are known for their exceptional resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, and mechanical stress.

Round Bars

Manufacturing Process Of Round Bars


The first step in the process is melting raw materials in an electric furnace. These raw materials are typically iron ore, chromium, nickel, and other elements in exact amounts.


After melting, the metal is put into molds to form slabs or billets. The processing of these first forms is then continued.

Hot Rolling

After being heated, the billets are shaped into long, thin rods by going through a series of rolling mills. Because the metal is heated above its recrystallization temperature during this operation, it is known as hot rolling.


After that, the rods are annealed to reduce stress and enhance machinability. In order to do this, the rods must first be heated to a certain temperature and then gradually cooled.


Lastly, shearing machines or other cutting techniques are used to cut the rods to the required length.


High Strength: Round bars, especially those made of steel or alloys, offer high tensile strength and toughness.
Machinability: They are generally easy to machine, making them suitable for various fabrication processes.
Corrosion Resistance: Stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper round bars offer varying degrees of corrosion resistance, making them suitable for outdoor or corrosive environments.
Ductility: Many round bar materials exhibit good ductility, allowing for easy forming and shaping.


Construction: Round bars are used in construction for structural support, reinforcement in concrete, and for making various components like bolts and fasteners.
Manufacturing: They find applications in manufacturing machinery, tools, shafts, gears, and axles due to their strength and machinability.
Automotive: Round bars are used in automotive applications such as axles, suspension components, and drive shafts.
Marine: Due to their corrosion resistance, stainless steel and some non-ferrous round bars are used in marine applications such as boat fittings, propeller shafts, and marine hardware.
Electrical: Brass and copper round bars are extensively used in electrical and electronic applications for conducting electricity.
General Engineering: They are used in various other engineering applications like furniture making, decorative purposes, and in the manufacturing of tools and equipment.


Versatility: Round bars are available in various materials, sizes, and grades, offering versatility in applications across different industries.
High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Many round bar materials offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios, making them suitable for applications where weight is a concern.
Ease of Machining: Round bars are generally easy to machine, allowing for efficient fabrication processes.
Corrosion Resistance: Materials like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper provide corrosion resistance, extending the lifespan of components in various environments.

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Round Bars Specifications

Size 1 MM To 500MM
Rod Size 3 mm to 500 mm
Wire Size: 0.1 mm to 10 mm
Length 100MM To 6000 MM Length
Type Black, Polish, Export
Form Round Bar, Square Bar, Rectangular Bar, Triangular, Oval Bar, Wire, Filler Rod.
Inspection, Test Reports Mill Test Certificates, EN 10204 3.1/3.2, Chemical Reports, Mechanical Reports, PMI Test Reports, Visual Inspection Reports, Third Party Inspection Reports, NABL Approved Lab Reports, Non-Destructive Test Reports

Types Of Bars


Square Bar


Bright Bar


Flat Bar


Forged Round Bar


Cold Drawn Round Bar


Round Bar Rod


Other Types Of Bars

Round Bars Hexagonal Bar
Threaded Rod Industrial Bars
Precision Ground Bars Round Bar
SS Bars Square Bar
F51 Bars F51 Rod
Hot Rolled Bar Half-Round Bar
ASME SA276 Precision Ground Bar ASTM A276 Bars
Rectangular Bar Cold Finish Round Bar
Polished Bar Half-Round Bars

Round Bars Industrial Application

Electrical Industry


Automotive Industry


Construction Industry


Defence Industry


Pharmaceutical Industry


Petroleum Industry


Petrochemical Industry


Milk & Dairy Industry

Milk & Dairy

Export & Supply Destinations Of Round Bar

Moldova, United Kingdom, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Romania, Latvia, Finland, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Luxembourg, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Greece, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Ireland, Cyprus, Denmark, Malta, Hungary, Czechia/Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Serbia, France.

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